Hello, my name is Todd Green.

I make and run games. Currently I’m VP Product at King in London, running the Farm Heroes live games. My previous role was Exec Producer & VP of Candy Crush Saga.

I’m a part-time writer and lecturer.

I’ve been fortunate to work at several companies that are world #1 in their fields: BBC World Service, FremantleMedia, and King.

I’ve studied at Oxford, Nottingham, and Bournemouth Media Academy, and have lectured at Loughborough, GoldsmithsBournemouth, and Regent’s universities.

I have co-authored an academic paper on interactivity in TV shows.

On this site you can find my personal blog; all my own opinions. Most recently I have been writing for Full Swede Ahead!, a collection of expat essays from our British family in Sweden. I also post periodically on Medium.

If you’re interested in talking to me about speaking, writing, product consulting, or other opportunities, send me an email.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.