Viva la revolucion: free time is for things you enjoy

I made a resolution earlier today: from now on, I will only spend my free time on things I enjoy.

For me, that is a revolution.

Over the last three years, I have created and spent a lot of time on close to 20 different extra-curricular projects. That’s crazy – really, crazy.

Some have succeeded, some have fallen flat – but the combined effect has been restlessness and a growing feeling that I’m searching, fruitlessly, for something truly fulfilling.

Though I have enjoyed much of what I’ve done, there have also been long periods when I have not.

In those periods, I’ve kept going on projects I have lost interest in, or knew deep-down weren’t going to work.

And I’ve felt obliged to work on those projects because I’ve created expectations in or obligations to others that I will do so.

It’s like having a second job – except in this job, you don’t get paid, your work is often invisible to the rest of the world, and you have a nagging sense that you might be wasting your time all along.

Not much of a job!

I quit

Today I have handed in my resignation, with immediate effect.

I’m done with working on unrewarding, unenjoyable, unfulfilling stuff that I’m only doing in the first place because I’ve convinced myself I have to.

From now on, I’m only going to spend my free time on things I enjoy.

That’s a win-win-win:

– It’ll be more fun

– I’ll probably produce better quality stuff – I find that when I’m doing something I enjoy, I do it better

– I should improve faster – I’ll get better at what I’m doing more quickly by spending more time on fewer things

What do I enjoy?

Earlier tonight, I made a list of the things I really enjoy doing. Here it is:

1. Writing

2. Coding

3. Piecing ideas together

4. Playing tennis matches

A modest list. But a list that includes only things I really enjoy.

I feel like I’ve got some catching up to do!

Author: toddmgreen

I really like making internet projects. I work on apps, games and websites at a TV company. I write stuff, make stuff, and accidentally break stuff. You should probably follow me on Twitter - @toddmgreen.

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