Killing off a half-finished po

Last week I started writing a post about what happened when Hacker News tweeted a link to my blog post on how to make a website.


I got almost 1,000 hits that day, and around 500 the day after. Since I don’t usually get that many visitors, the effect was quite noticeable.

Guess which day HN tweeted my post?

I wanted to collate all the stats so that anyone interested could see the effect it had on my site stats.

But once I’d started writing it, I couldn’t get around to finishing it – even after sitting down to it five or six times.

So now I’ve killed it.

Why? I can think of three reasons.

1. I couldn’t get the full stats – I could only find evidence of where about 50% of the clicks had come from, and that doesn’t make for much of an insight. (Of the referrals I could identify, 42% came from HN, 28% from Google Reader, and 10% from Twitter).

2. I think there’s a limit to which anything I could say about my post’s stats would be relevant to anyone else’s – people post all manner of tech-related things on Hacker News, so the response to any given individual link must surely vary considerably.

3. Most importantly – I got bored. I didn’t really want to write it enough to finish it.

Contrast that with the post on how to make a website – that one took me over a month and 10-12 sittings.

Thankfully, it made me reflect on why I finish certain posts, and why others fall by the wayside.

And I got a post that I enjoyed writing out of it!

Author: toddmgreen

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