Gary Vay-ner-chuk – a name for the internet age

An easily Google-able name is an asset in an age when most people navigate the web via Google’s homepage.

Gary Vaynerchuk – who set up Wine Library TV, has written three books, and is a cracking speaker – seems at first glance to have a terrible name for Googling.

So he breaks it down – into Vay-ner-chuk – and actually writes his name like that so that people will know how to spell it.

You can see it on his latest book, and here’s a snapshot of the top of his website:

Nice work – it turns a tricky-to-spell name into a name for the internet age.

‘Todd Green’ isn’t bad in Google terms, though most of my links have been knocked of Google’s page 1 by an unfortunate stuntman who tried to jump from one plane to another and missed. RIP that other Todd Green.

P.S. Gary Vaynerchuk also does pretty awesome ads:

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