So, what do you do?

This is the number one most-asked question at a party, and the number one worst question of all time.

Please stop asking it.

I don’t really understand what most of my friends do, even though I always ask them how work is going (maybe I don’t listen).

But there are so many companies and so many different jobs that no-one could possibly know about more than 1% of them.

If you tried to list all the jobs you could think of, I bet you couldn’t reach more than 100. The list would probably be a combination of all the easily-described professions – doctor, dentist, lawyer, builder, accountant, etc – plus the ones you happen to have encountered through your own work.

What does this guy do? I have no idea

This is a really big problem at parties, because it leads to long and tedious answers to the question “So, what do you do?”.

Most of the time the person asking you doesn’t actually care; they just can’t think of what to say after you’ve told them your name, and they’re only talking to you anyway because they (a) want to have sex with you or (b) you happened to be standing next to each other and the silence became too awkward.

By the time you’ve spent 15 minutes explaining your job in too much detail they’ve probably changed their mind if it was (a), and are thinking of an excuse to jump out the window if it was (b).

So please just do everyone a favour, and say something else next time. And party on!

Author: toddmgreen

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