Radical transparency

I hope I have the balls to do this if I ever become a CEO.

This is an interview from foundation.kr with Philip Rosedale, founder and ex-CEO of Linden Labs, who made Second Life.

In case you can’t watch the video, here’s what he did: once every quarter, he sent all his employees a survey – which they could answer anonymously – asking them whether he was doing a good job. Then the day after, he sent everyone the results.

The absolute numbers are not so important, so long as they’re not too low – but the trend line certainly is.

Radical transparency of this kind is only possible with real confidence and real commitment to improving your own performance.

But if you lead a decent number of people and you don’t do this, why not?

Ok, here goes: if I ever have a team of 10 or more, I’m going to do it.

(Ouch – it took ages to write that sentence. What have I done?)


Author: toddmgreen

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