50 new business ideas

I’ve been writing down 10 ideas a day for the past 5 days (thanks James Altucher), and here they are: 50 ideas.

Some are good, some are bad, some have probably already have been done, and some have been described as Alan Patridge-esque. But you can have them all for free!

  1. Web project starter kit
  2. Midnight Map (location-based app that shows you what’s still open when you want another drink)
  3. Language lessons over a meal of the country’s cuisine
  4. Stammtisch finder site
  5. Film my talk (films your talk at a conference etc then gives you the video)
  6. Frozen food review site
  7. Live sports tonight (for lonely business travellers, with ticket sale links)
  8. Local business network for stay-at-home workers
  9. Multidisciplinary agency serving people doing projects in their spare time
  10. Personal website (i.e. CV replacement) building service
  11. Matching surplus stock to alternative sellers
  12. Rent-a-kitten
  13. Mentor matching service
  14. Project makers’ portfolio builder
  15. Academic production company
  16. Interdisciplinary recruitment agency
  17. Oxbridge recruitment agency
  18. Arts PhD recruitment agency
  19. Penny sweet subscription service
  20. Social enterprise consultancy
  21. Urban Gardens (mini flower boxes for flats)
  22. Second-screen consultancy
  23. Tennis free-sheet (funded by ads)
  24. Work experience recruitment agency
  25. Pinterest for history (affiliate links to destinations to see the pictured artefacts)
  26. Research agency for future media stuff
  27. Luxury football travel company
  28. Multimedia study course creation
  29. Ale by mail
  30. Rare spoon selling/trading website (inspired by Tapped & Packed)
  31. Shoe seller – red shoes only!
  32. Pug hat reseller (watch this space)
  33. Oxbridge application advice
  34. Cutlery and crockery hire
  35. Tennis ball vending machine
  36. Cool tennis wear seller
  37. White-label set-up for a brand owner to sell their licensees’ products
  38. ‘How to make your product interactive’ book
  39. Fine pencil shop
  40. Move to London starter kit
  41. Move to university starter kit
  42. Move to Shoreditch start kit
  43. Wedding survival guide for men
  44. Sweetass designer rucksacks
  45. Today’s Tip business (see Today’s Tennis Tip – one tip per day for the passive information consumption age)
  46. Microbusiness starter kit (microbusiness = sell one specific skill you have, part-time)
  47. Ask Women (men can SMS for advice – design a funny way of responding to sexting that encourages repeat texting)
  48. Instant refund system for train companies (National Rail in 2011: £184m owed, £15m paid)
  49. FreshMinds Research using current university students
  50. Modern librarian service (offers navigation & advice on finding relevant info online)


Author: toddmgreen

I really like making internet projects. I work on apps, games and websites at a TV company. I write stuff, make stuff, and accidentally break stuff. You should probably follow me on Twitter - @toddmgreen.

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