Binary meeting outcomes

Ugh. The bane of my life is the phrase “Let’s keep in touch”.

Seriously, what a waste of time.

By the end of a meeting, either we have some work to do together now, or we don’t.

If not, let’s not meet up again. We’re aware of each other’s existence now, so we can always email or whatever if an actual reason to do so appears.

So as of two months ago I have been sticking to a system that I call binary meeting outcomes. Every meeting ends in either a 1 or a 0. Either there is something specific to do next (1) or not (0).

Explaining that can prove a little difficult (no-one wants to be a zero!). But it has already saved me hours and hours or pointless ‘catch-ups’.

1 or 0?

Author: toddmgreen

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