Start with no

I jog my legs up and down the whole time and it drives my girlfriend crazy. I literally cannot sit still for a minute.

I would say that I get bored easily, but I’m not sure that quite covers it.

It’s just so easy to start doing things – free tools, free platforms, cheap equipment – that the most difficult thing is actually to say no.

Bullshit business books say to always have an open mind, to follow up every lead, you never know where it might take you and maybe there’ll be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I say (and, sometimes, do) the opposite: start with no.



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Author: toddmgreen

I really like making internet projects. I work on apps, games and websites at a TV company. I write stuff, make stuff, and accidentally break stuff. You should probably follow me on Twitter - @toddmgreen.

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