MarioKart Trance

I was in a show starring an Arnold Schwarzenegger stick-puppet, and I wasn’t sleeping enough.

We would wrap at midnight, so I would get home around 1am but I couldn’t sleep straight away because I was too wired.

So instead when I got home I would play MarioKart on the Wii. It was pretty fun and helped me unwind. I’d forget everything else and then after half an hour (= eight races) I’d go to bed.

In MarioKart Wii there’s a track called Coconut Mall, in which you can see clothing adverts starring your Miis (Miis are little avatars of you and your friends).

I was playing Coconut Mall one night and just above the bit where you jump over the fountain there was an advert with my Mii wearing a grey hoodie. I thought “Hey, that looks good on me! I should wear that more often!” and jumped over the fountain but then I did a double-take: WTF?! I never owned a grey hoodie.

The problem was that I wasn’t just working on show nights: there were only three of us in the team, so with all the prep and the business bits it added up to 80+ hours a week. On top of that I was doing a PhD application and writing terrible poetry and learning Mandarin and organising volunteer work on HMS Belfast and running a crappy website and still seeing friends even though I was little more than a shell at some points. It was a bit nuts and I was a bit nuts too.

I don’t want that to happen again, so I’m cutting back on a couple of things now.

All this to make room for the many other things going on at the moment. Finding a new job at the end of last year and now settling into the new one. Rewriting an academic essay that I’m going to present at a conference. Moving out of the old house and into a new one. And there’s a woman in the new house who keeps reminding me that I’m getting married this summer. Only doing four things at once – job, article, house, wedding – should make it easy, right?

I don’t want another MarioKart Trance, so one of the things I’m cutting back on is blog posts. This is my first post in almost a month and there are going to be fewer than usual between now and when I’m back from honeymoon in July (sorry, I’m a heart-breaker).

But oddly enough, since I stopped writing so regularly I’ve had a tonne of new ideas for posts, for this website, and for my Facebook and Twitter pages. So I’m planning a revamp for the second half of the year and I’ll have loads of new stuff for you to read too.

Sometimes you need a break. And break time can be the most productive time of all.


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Author: toddmgreen

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