Don’t be the goalkeeper

My first football match!

Fleetville Juniors vs Camp School. Aged 8, I was pretty excited. And I was picked to play in goal.

Mum said:

Don’t be the goalkeeper. If you don’t let any goals in, all you will have done is what’s expected of you. And if you do let in a goal, you’ll have failed and you’ll feel bad.

I did let in a goal… well, several actually. We were 4-1 down at half-time, so the PE teacher moved me outfield and put someone else in goal.

But I still remember that advice.

It’s more fun to be in situations where it’s possible to create something new, and to go beyond just aiming for zero.

And I hate being in situations where the max possible result is to do just what’s expected of me — to keep a clean sheet and not mess things up.

I’m still a crappy goalkeeper though.

Pretty sure that no motherly advice can change that!

Author: toddmgreen

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