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I am a time traveller!

I went to an academic conference this summer and it was like going back to 2010. All the talk was of cookies, CRM, and targeted advertising… academic discourse can be little behind the times.

But there is loads of really interesting stuff to be found in academia too – like the journal article that helped me understand the strange user acquisition patterns in Scoreboard, and the quote I found in another article about Norwegians who liked to text in to TV shows that told me something new about viewers’ motivations.

And while I don’t want to be a full-time academic, I don’t want to be a full-time industry worker either if it means I don’t get to do academia too.

So I’ve decided to try to bridge the gap. I taught a course at a university last year, did a bunch of one-off lectures, and wrote an article that I hope will soon be published in a journal. But that isn’t quite enough – so I’m starting a new blog alongside this one.

It’s called mediademic – i.e. media + academia. In each post I look at something academic – an article, an essay, an idea – and analyse it in the context of my own experience in industry.

Academia offers depth and complexity, but sometimes it is dangerously disconnected from industry. Life in the media industry is fun and moves fast, but it can be difficult to see longer-term patterns or to think more deeply about what you’re working on.

Mediademic is my attempt to bridge the gap between the theory and the practice. I hope to do so in way that illuminates a little of both.

We’ll see :)

Check it out now – nine posts up so far – at

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