One year at King / LAUNCH: Farm Heroes Saga mobile!

Today’s my first anniversary at King – hooray!

And to celebrate (or something) we just launched Farm Heroes Saga on mobile. You can play it now on iOS or Android.

It’s my second launch with the company – Pepper Panic Saga opened up on Facebook in November. AppData estimates Pepper’s current DAU as 1.8m.

My job is to analyse and optimise the games – understanding what’s happening and why, and working with the producers, data scientists and the rest of the team to keep making it better.

It was a fun first year. And what better way to start a new one by launching a game?

Author: toddmgreen

I really like making internet projects. I work on apps, games and websites at a TV company. I write stuff, make stuff, and accidentally break stuff. You should probably follow me on Twitter - @toddmgreen.

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