This chart shows why you should consider sponsoring my first marathon

The chart shows a strong correlation between my pace and how I’m feeling while running. Feeling better = running faster. 

The chart covers the last 15 runs before I did my first and only half marathon. Now I’m training for my first ever full marathon. And it hurts! So I need your help.

I’m raising money for Mind, the mental health charity. Several of my closest friends have been affected by mental illness, and I believe Mind helps people like them to live happier and fuller lives.

I’d like to ask you to donate because the more money I raise for Mind, the better I’ll feel – and as the chart shows, the better I feel, the faster I’ll run!

It’s really really going to hurt to do this, so please please help me get through it faster :)

The marathon (Manchester, 6 April) is now just two months away. Please sponsor me, and help Mind help those with mental illness.

Thank you very much.

~ Todd

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