The Shipping Forecast: One post per day in December

Emma was asking me how I write blog posts. As you can see, I like to dress up smart.

But once I’m ready, I’ll write a draft as quick as I can. Rough and ready – get to the end as soon as possible.

Quick drafting makes it easier to make the post coherent, and reduces the risk of being disturbed when you’re in the moment. 

But it’s a style thing too. My best posts are the ones that ebb and flow – shifting from stream of consciousness to stop/consider and back again. So doing the first draft fast helps.

But now I’ve got out of the habit of actually shipping these posts. So here’s a challenge: one post per day in December. 

This is day one. 

Expect a mixture of posts: short and long, observation and reflection… good and bad. Stay tuned via @toddmgreen on Twitter.

Cheers! ~ Todd

Author: toddmgreen

I really like making internet projects. I work on apps, games and websites at a TV company. I write stuff, make stuff, and accidentally break stuff. You should probably follow me on Twitter - @toddmgreen.

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