Little Big Bangs

Richard Ashcroft on recording The Verve’s second album, A Northern Soul, in Guitar Magazine from July 1995:

If we don’t reach that level of inspiration then we don’t play… This record was a story of three days working up to that level and three days to come down from it. 

I know a lot of bands that can bash out an album in a few days, but that’s cutting out, like, 90 per cent of human emotion. That’s machine-like. 

If you take a photograph of four people, the chances that all four are going to look good at that single moment in time are a million to one. And it’s the same when four people pick up instruments at the same time.

I love this because it encapsulates that amazing feeling of creating something really incredible together with a team.

In my last company, we made the first ever online video gameshow, the first ever Facebook game+show combo, and one of the first ever TV shows you could play along with using a native app. And now I get to create new stuff every day with an electrifying team on Candy Crush Saga.

Those moments of creation – those little Big Bangs – are the absolute greatest. 

Author: toddmgreen

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