Embrace, the darkness

There must be a time

Between the well-meaning

When the good will come out

And start the healing

I listened to The Good Will Out – Embrace’s debut album – an awful lot over the past (yikes!) 17 years. I even spent summer 2003 detuning and retuning the bottom E strong on my acoustic so that I could play Fireworks over and over again. 

Danny McNamara is not a great singer tunewise but there’s a lot of emotional depth in his voice, and that has always been good enough for me. 

But – where did that depth come from? I never really stopped to think. 

Now I know, thanks to a post by McNamara from a little while back. Turns out he had terrible PTSD when he was younger.
It makes me think of the kids at school who had a hard time because of something outside of the classroom (troubles at home, in their bodies, or in their heads). Watching Educating Yorkshire as an adult, it’s clear to see that some kids are acting up at school because of a tough home life. But when you’re there, sat next to them in the classroom or avoiding them in the corridor, you just don’t see or perceive those issues. 

McNamara didn’t talk about his PTSD for a long time because he feared it would give the songs a concrete meaning, rather than allowing each listener their own truth. 

After 17 years, I know my truths for each of those songs. It’s great to finally know his too. 


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