A silent thank you!

Aw yeah, we’ve got to get home in time for Quizmania!

I was dog-tired, jet-lagged after a 24-hour flight, and now I was packed into a late-night train in Melbourne.

I laughed, and the student who had spoken looked at me curiously. I had to explain. I had just flown halfway around the world to spend three weeks with the Quizmania team. At least someone was watching…


In the marble halls of Bush House, the ancestral home of the BBC World Service, there were hundreds of portraits. Each was a black-and-white photo of a single person – world leaders like Mandela, explorers like Randolph Fiennes, cultural heroes like Maya Angelou. And on each portrait was a quote from that person, explaining why the BBC World Service meant so much to them.

Instead of taking the lift, I used to walk up the eight flights of stairs to my team’s office so that I could read those portraits.


Every day on the metro I see people playing Candy Crush Saga. That means I can start work knowing that whatever we do today will affect a real person. It’s not just code and pixels, people really see the stuff we do.

This is a genuine privilege!

I’ve had that privilege several times over – first at the BBC making radio, then at FremantleMedia making TV, and now at King making games.

Every time I see someone playing Candy, I say a silent ‘thank you’ in my head. If that was you this morning – thank you!


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