Terror vs. Love

The most striking thing about the truck attack last week is the response of Stockholm’s citizens.

People are unashamed to talk about love.

This all sounds rather like hippy talk to a Brit. But it was extremely moving to visit the scene of the attack, to see the post-it and graffiti murals on the corner of Åhlens and the flowers piled high along Drottninggatan.

Two days after the attack, 20,000 people gathered in Sergelstorg to join a ‘Lovefest’ vigil.

There was sadness. And anger. And pride, and defiance. But above all, the message that came through to me was one of hope and tolerance. As one sign in the crowd read:

We don’t respond with fear, we respond with love.


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  1. Markus Schreiber / AP via The Local
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  3. Maja Susan / TT via The Local

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AFP / The Local

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