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New project: Full Swede Ahead!

New project: Full Swede Ahead! It’s a collection of essays by a British family in Stockholm, as we record and reflect on our experiences of living in Sweden with our daughter two daughters. Why? When we moved here in August 2015 we were inspired by the BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent to chronicle our experiences for the benefit of others. …

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How One Tiny Text Tweak Helped Me Meet My Wife

After dating random friends of friends for a year, I decided to get serious. How can I increase the chances of finding someone I really like? Time to try internet dating. Guardian Soulmates. Spent a couple of hours looking all sorts of profiles (girls and boys) to see how people used the site, and what …

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Two Rivers

One swift river rattled along as if on rails, smooth-sliding sails pushed gamely forward on towards the lonely vale.  Another river, flitter-shiver, flip-flapped and slip-slapped ‘gainst solid rocks that blocked its path, twisting backwards down around its corridors of shale. At the end of the vale, beyond the shale, they met. At first they ran parallel – the …

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Imagine having your work crushed by Wolfgang Pauli (Nobel Prize-winning physicist): [That’s] so bad, it’s not even wrong Thankfully I don’t know many Nobel Prize-winning physicists. Tough crowd. There are plenty of other critics around – people who think my ideas are silly, or that my projects are dumb, or that my blog posts are …

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