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Imagine having your work crushed by Wolfgang Pauli (Nobel Prize-winning physicist):

[That’s] so bad, it’s not even wrong

Thankfully I don’t know many Nobel Prize-winning physicists. Tough crowd.

There are plenty of other critics around – people who think my ideas are silly, or that my projects are dumb, or that my blog posts are crap (well, maybe those guys have a point).

But the worst critics aren’t the physicists or the mockers or anyone else I know.

The worst critics are the imaginary ones. The ones that live only in my head. They’re the ones who sometimes stop me from writing, or from contacting people I admire, or from singing too loudly in the flat whilst playing guitar.

The critics in my head are the ones who can never be silenced completely. They never seem to be impressed. They never listen to reason.

The worst critics are the ones who don’t even exist.

And therein lies their weakness – the way to beat them.

If they don’t exist, the bastards can be ignored.

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