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I don’t know

There is so much information in the world today. So much! It’s impossible to know everything, or even a tiny fraction of everything.

But strangely the pressure to have an answer or an idea for everything has not diminished.

Perhaps it has even increased in the UK, since more and more people work in service-led jobs.

And not only are there already more ideas in the world than anyone can keep track of, there’s so much pressure to produce even more ideas! Not content with all the ideas that already exist, we just keep cranking out more. Innovation is the new patron saint of every industry. Anything that’s been done before is staid and irrelevant. More more more ideas!

The problem here is that in the attempt to look smart or useful or even just proficient, I sometimes find myself repeating stuff I heard somewhere as if I knew all about it and could vouch for its truthfulness with my very soul.


Eyesight is a better witness than hearing


So in the past few months I have tried to be as honest as possible when I’m not too sure of an answer.

It isn’t easy, and sometimes it’s probably smarter in the long term to find a way of answering with something more helpful. (Anyone who has been through the tutorial system at university will know that this is a skill you quickly have to develop).

But will I get more honest about it over time? I don’t know.