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What I learnt from tracking my body fat % every day for 6 months

That’s not me, that’s 50 Cent. 50 Cent likes Vitamin Water. He invested in the company early on and regularly advertises its products. 50 Cent is in good shape, so Vitamin Water must be good for you. But then… Vitamin Water also contains a remarkable amount of sugar: almost 4 teaspoons per bottle. So is it healthy …

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Three Years of Running Data: 1,153km with Nike+ and Mind

In 2014 I did 56 runs, averaged 1:00 hours per run, and covered nearly 400 miles – enough to get me from central London to Aberdeen, Galway, Limouges, Frankfurt, Bremen, or deep deep deep under the North Sea. I’ve been digging into the data – first for 2014, then all the way back to April 2012 when …

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